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261 S Palm Ave, Rialto, CA 92376, USA
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I really wanted to support this place considering the food looks good and I like to support the local business in my city but with the very first interaction I noticed the lack of costumer service skills and just the attitude of the person that answered the phone when I attempted to place the order. I waited about 20 minutes on hold but that was not an issue for me as I though they might be busy. When the person finally answered the phone at 10:35 I was told they were not longer serving the item I wanted because they stopped serving it at 10:30, the time I held on the line was not taken under consideration, I was also told immediately that payment is due upfront for phone orders. Any others restaurant would have served a costumer if that had occur. It was disappointing as I was going to place a large order for 6 people.I put that a side and decided to go another time in person and I soon as I walked in they were playing loud music with inappropriate language while families were dinning in, dropping the n word and f bombs. Highly inappropriate, will definitely not bring my kids there lolAs I came here to write my review, I saw a reply of the owner trying to argue with a costumer that left a review. Too may red flags. Sadly they are getting on the way of their own success. Good luck, wishing them the best.

Why post hours on the doors that you’re open every day but then are closed on some days of the week without even a piece of paper posted saying there was a problem. (Hours shifted, lack of employees, the fryer is out of commission, something!!!)Then I look online and the hours posted online are wildly different than what is posted on the doors…These are not hard things to change but very inconvenient for customers (particularly to my family who is new to the area and wanted to try it out… won’t be now).

Unfortunately, the meal ended poorly when I asked for change to tip service and hired entertainment. I was told very clearly


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