Adria Bar Restaurant

+61 1300 989 989
The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour, Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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Best Webonjo Reviews

The place looked busy. When I see this, I know it must be good. The staff was ok. We were seated next to a heater. The tea requested was warm after 10 minutes as they brought it in a thin metal pot. As the metal is good conductor, the cold air will make all the hot beverages warm. May be investing on a porcelain tea pots would do the trick.The breakfast was good but didn’t have any wow factor.I was going to give 5 stars but there was a couple who were seated by the staff and waited for good 10 minutes. Once no one came to grab their orders, the lady got angry and left the restaurant. Her partner had to leave as well. For that factor, only four stars as staff must be attentive.

I loved this place so much for dinner that we even returned the next day for breakfast!The friendly staff were always present and attentive to our requests.The food and drinks came out quick and were absolutely delicious.I highly recommend this to everyone.

My wife and I visited Adria on Saturday night, as a part of a large family booking occupying two tables. I expected to pay a premium for the great location (and fireworks), however the food fell way short of the mark.I ordered the marinated beef ($32) and my wife had the prime grainge rump ($34). She also added the Garden Salad ($13). You can judge for yourselves from my attached pics, however both were small and well below our expectations. My beef was chewy while her steak was served rare (requested medium).Others in our group were also unhappy with their meals; my sister-in-law's salmon was delayed until some of us were almost finished. And the staff were very eager to clear items from the table - I had to stop them from taking my wife's chips while there was still a couple in the bottom of the bowl (at these prices, I'm eating every last scrap thanks)!Suffice to say we won't be back.


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